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Posted by admin on October 10, 2010

Blue Recruitment is delighted to welcome the teaching team and client schools from teaching agency company Leading Education. Following a successful period of negotiaton and due diligence we are pleased to confirm the full buy out of the very successful Leading Education firm run by Chris and Keizah Cotton.

"Chris and Keizah ran a very tight ship which focused on the needs of schools and teachers. Their operating philosophy was in tune with our own and we are pleased to be able to maintain the high levels of service that their clients and teachers came to expect"

- Jarrod Gaines, Operations Director.

With the purhase of Leading Education we plan to extend our services further into North Yorkshire. Our teaching team now crosses 5 regions in Yorksire givig our teachers greater access to jobs whilst offering our client schools a greater pool of talent to draw from.

"We now have what is probably the most widely spread team of teachers operating in Yorkshire which will make us more likely to fill teaching vacancies than anyone else"

- Ian Kennedy, Senior Sales Manager.

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Posted by Steven on
After working with Chris at Leading Edge for so long I was a little concerned about the service and work I would receive from Blue Recruitment. I am really pleased with Blue. Ian has visited all the schools that he askes me to teach in and is very clued up on the area. He works with me and my timetable that changes weekly to enable me to teach whenever I want to.
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